• Solutions for Paper (Single & Double Wall) and Foam Hot Beverage Cups
  • Complement your existing hot beverage cups with a stock or custom designed lid to meet your specifications
  • Variety of lid options:  Sip CappuccinoLock-Back Reclosable Cappuccino, "2 in 1" (Sip Cappuccino/Flat Tear-Back) and Flat Tear-Back
  • Creative printing and design capability to advertise your brand or promotional message
  • Branded options include:  Embossed, Embossed Printed or Printed Lids
  • Available in Black, Brown, White and Custom Colors

Lock-Back Reclosable Cappuccino Lids

LidWorks One Hand Lock Back in Black

 "2 in 1" (Sip Cappuccino/Flat Tear-Back) Lids



Sip Cappuccino Lids


 Flat Tear-Back Lids


Recycled Content Lids

  • Various LidWorks Cold and Hot Lids are made from our proprietary Recycled Post-Consumer Polystyrene (rPS) blend

  • Our blend...

    • Takes material that was headed to the landfill and re-purposes it into new products, and then

    • Reduces the amount of virgin polystyrene that is traditionally used in the manufacturing of Cold and Hot Lids 

  •  Ultimately, our proprietary Recycled Post-Consumer Polystyrene (rPS) blend provides:
    • A more environmentally preferable solution, and

    • A sustainable option for you and your customer