• Solutions for Paper, Plastic and Foam Cold Beverage Cups
  • Complement your existing cold beverage cups with a standard or branded lid to meet your specifications
  • Variety of lid design options:  Universal Fitting, Flat and Lemonade
  • Creative printing and design capability to advertise your brand or promotional message
  • Branded options include:  Embossed, Embossed Printed or Printed Lids
  • Available in Black, Blue, Clear, Red, Translucent and Custom Colors

  Universal Fitting Lids


Flat Lids


Lemonade Lids

"Sweeten the Deal" with an inspired Embossed Citrus Sliced Lemonade Lid!

LidWorks unique Lemonade Lid incorporates Embossed Citrus Slices onto a traditional Flat Lid for Cold Paper Cups.  Squeeze more profits out of your drink program by offering a citrus themed lid for lemonade, iced tea, limeades, orange juice, grapefruit juice and citrus flavored carbonated beverages.  Enhance your customer's overall drink experience while boosting sales by integrating the uniquely designed Embossed Citrus Sliced Lemonade Lid.


  • Unique "Citrus Slices" design offers a stylish alternative and upscale appearance to a traditional flat lid
  • Fits a variety of paper cups
  • Available in today's standard lid sizes
  • Available in Clear, Translucent and a variety of Custom Colors to match your logo or promotion
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

  Recycled Content Lids 

  • Various LidWorks Cold and Hot Lids are made from our proprietary Recycled Post-Consumer Polystyrene (rPS) blend

  • Our blend...

    • Takes material that was headed to the landfill and re-purposes it into new products, and then

    • Reduces the amount of virgin polystyrene that is traditionally used in the manufacturing of Cold and Hot Lids 

  •  Ultimately, our proprietary Recycled Post-Consumer Polystyrene (rPS) blend provides:
    • A more environmentally preferable solution, and

    • A sustainable option for you and your customer