LidWorks designs the right lid to enhance the appeal of your frozen indulgence.  From a Swirl Dome Lid for your frozen yogurt, custard or ice cream to a High Dome Lid with 2" Hole for your milkshake, latte or float to a Low Dome Lid to showcase your smoothie, your product will stand out.  Even better... add your logo or name for a signature look that makes a lasting impression with your customers.

Revolutionary Clear Low Dome Lids

Stand out from your competition with a unique and stylish lid created specifically for smoothies and frozen drinks. The clear design showcases your product, and the low dome shape helps keep your presentation neat and clean. 
  • Make your smoothie even more appealing. Clear product design enhances your customers experience letting them see your vibrant and delicious smoothie. 
  • Save time and effort. Exclusive low dome shape helps prevent messy spillover when placing the lid on the cup. 
  • Easy stacking for takeout orders. Small lid has a built-in stacking enabling the 12 oz. cups to stack on top of each other for secure transport. 

Swirl Dome Lids

"Top-Off" Your Dessert with a Stylish Twist!

These unique Swirled Flat-Top Dome Lids provide a stylish and functional solution for "on-the-go" customers. Make frozen treats such as frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream and sorbet stand out from the crowd with LidWorks' Clear Swirl Dome Lid. The distinctive design allows for improved stacking and gives your customers ample room to pile on toppings.


  • Unique Clear Swirl Flat-Top Dome Lid
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Optional em-bossable surface
  • Audible snap ensures a secure fit
  • Stock lid fits many popular containers
  • Flat-Top Dome Lid design allows for adding toppings
  • Sturdy, high quality domed lid


  • Stylish and functional design enhance overall appearance
  • Improved stacking for on-the-go orders
  • Reduce spoon waste by offering the domed lid with a 2" hole
  • Attractive dome lid creates an eye-catching display for desserts and toppings

  "Grab 'n Go" & Inserts & Lid

With today's busy consumers "eating on the run", you can choose from one of our innovative designs below to fit your customer's needs or let us design a portable solution that meets your unique objectives for a "Grab 'n Go" beverage or food.

To-Go™ Cradle

  • Ultra-Portable Design lets you easily transport coffee and snacks using only one hand!
  • No more sticky fingers and lost icing from  today's donut bags
  • LidWorks Sip Cappuccino Lid and To-Go™ Cradle have ample room to add your brand or marketing message

Inserts & Lid

  • 3 and 4.75 oz. Inserts & Lids for condiments, dressings, granola and more!
  • Unmatched portability allows you to grow sales "around the clock"
  • Unique "Rest-on-the-Rim" design fits an assortment of plastic cups from a variety of manufacturers