The Lowdown on Strawless Lids - Let's Start Here

You are probably wondering...Is a Strawless Lid the "correct choice" for your company right now?

Here is the long and short answer.  YesIt is.

Why?  It's simple, everyone benefits.  Let's explore...

For starters, it's smart business.  Getting ahead of the curve will build goodwill for your company.  As plastic bans continue to grow, it is likely that the choice to eliminate straws will be made for you.  Making the switch now will allow you to take control and show current and potential customers that you are serious about helping the environment.  This will build brand loyalty and repeat customers.  Not to mention that it's a cost saver.  Ditch the straws and keep the savings.  While you're at it, you will streamline your process, reduce SKU's and increase efficiency.

Further, switching to a Strawless Lid is not only a wise business choice, it's also the ethical thing to do.  Straws are detrimental to the environment, our marine life and our health.  Let's break down why that is.

Due to the relatively thin material that they are made of, straws break down into microplastics quicker.  Microplastics are any plastic particle that has a diameter of less than 5mm and are most commonly found on beaches and in deep waters.  These tiny bits of plastic are often mistaken for food by marine life and in turn, ingested.  This blocks the animal's digestive system and can have devastating results.  Some of the plastics are so small that they even get embedded in the animal's flesh.  These microplastics are then passed down through the food chain and make their way to humans through ingestion.

So why don't we just increase our recycling efforts instead?  Well, it's not that simple.  Even if all of us started recycling all of our straws, a noble but unrealistic goal, most facilities can't process them due to their size and light weight.  Straws fall through the cracks on the conveyor belt mixing with other materials ending up in a landfill.

So that's the quick info on what all this Strawless Lid talk is about.  At the end of the day, a Strawless Lid just makes good business and ethical sense.  It's a "win-win" solution for companies like yours.  LidWorks is excited to be a part of this evolving landscape and to share our StrawLess Lid Solutions with you.  Our goal is to help our environment flourish and your business grow.  For more information contact LidWorks Sales at or 888.752.5579.  Remember..."Up Your Lid Game".