Murphy USA Convenience Stores

In concert with Murphy USA's Chad Prast, Senior Category Manager - Fresh Food & Dispensed Beverages, LidWorks created branded Flat and Dome Lids that feature LidWorks' new Textured Embossment Technique, Tint Coloration and Murphy USA's Fountain Mountain Logo.


"We chose LidWorks because of their unmatched design capabilities.  Their Textured Embossment Technique and Tint Coloration have helped us to both differentiate our brand from our competition, and make it easier for our customers to know which lid fits on which cup... Red for Small/Medium and Blue for Large."

Chad Prast
Senior Category Manager - Fresh Food & Dispensed Beverages
Murphy USA

Tropical Smoothie Cafe'

In collaboration with Tropical Smoothie Café's Dean Gonsior, Chief Operating Officer, and Winston Fletcher, Director of Distribution, LidWorks created a Clear Low Dome Lid, Embossed and Printed with Tropical Smoothie Café's Logo in their corporate colors. 

"LidWorks not only managed the project from concept design to program execution, but also addressed any concerns raised by franchisees and distribution warehouses, all while keeping costs in line."

Winston Fletcher
Director of Distribution
Tropical Smoothie Café

Greenpacks USA

In association with Greenpacks USA's Sajeeva Fernando, President, LidWorks helped identify which of its Hot and Cold Lids would meet their needs.


"We sell a substantial amount of hot and cold lids with our unique 'Groove Cups'.  It has always been a challenge to align ourselves with an U.S. Lid manufacturer to help us in our quest to make 'Made in U.S.A.' mean something.  That all changed with LidWorks!  After extensive testing, we transitioned very smoothly to LidWorks' Hot and Cold Lids!!  They are much better quality than import lids.  Also, LidWorks has become an important partner in our business.  Thanks to the entire team at LidWorks. They do a great job.  Plus, we are now buying superior lids more efficiently, and most importantly, they are proudly 'Made in U.S.A.'!"

Sajeeva A. Fernando
Greenpacks USA


Working closely with FoamAroma's Craig Bailey, Owner & President, LidWorks created a Sip Cappuccino Lid that enhances the customer's hot beverage experience.   


"I am a 'beginner' in the thermoforming product development arena.  LidWorks was instrumental in the successful design, prototyping and production of FoamAroma®.  The Whole Team (Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations & Customer Service) continues to reach out and take care of my needs.  I will continue to develop new solutions with LidWorks!"

Craig Bailey
Owner & President

FoamAroma, LLC