Ideation & Design

LidWorks' three-phase "Concept to Market" Process begins by listening to you to create a solution which allows you to support your "Branding", differentiate yourself from your competition and/or correct an "issue" while being extremely cost effective.  The result is a Drawing and Rendering that reflects your ideas and our design expertise.

Prototypes & Revision

Once you have approved your solution's Drawing and RenderingLidWorks makes a functional Prototype in this phase for your market testing, focus group analysis, etc.  You and your customer’s feedback is then evaluated and modifications, if necessary, are made.  Upon approval of your functional PrototypeLidWorks proceeds to our "Ready for Market" phase.

 Ready for Market

During the final phase of LidWorks' three-phase "Concept to Market" process, Production Tools are made, Product is manufactured and Inventory is built for you to begin marketing your solution.

To have LidWorks develop a 100% guaranteed solution for you which will help you "Up Your Lid Game", please contact LidWorks Sales at 888.752.5579.